Intercultural Business Solutions

Assessment and Consultation

Intercultural Competency Assessment

  • Assessing your competences with the Intercultural Readiness Check will help you to gain a realistic focus on how you approach intercultural interactions
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses in intercultural performance
  • Receive valuable advice
  • Draw an Action Plan to improve your intercultural competency

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  • Intercultural Effectiveness Team Profile and Strategies for Team Performance Development
  • Growing Mindset as Global Corporation
  • Promoting Effective Cultural Diversity in Communities and Projects
  • Developing Intercultural Competency


**New**  Pitstop Training

ONE HOUR per topic – intense, inspiring and thought provoking workshops.

Topics to choose from:

  • Facilitating a Stress-Free Meeting with Culturally Diverse Members
  • Giving Effective Feedback in Multi-Cultural Environments
  • Effective Listening and Questioning
  • Getting Messages Across Cultures
  • Expressing Opinions
    Giving Instructions Effectively
  • Supervising People from Other Cultures Effectively
  • Assertive Communication or Aggressive Communication?
  • Improve Communication with People Who Speak English as a Second Language
  • Be Aware of Cultural Differences in Business Interaction
  • Managing Power Dynamics in a Room
  • Japanese Nemawashi: The art of quietly laying down a foundation for a proposed change or project by gathering support and feedback in advance. Good or Bad?
  • Horenso: Traditional Japanese Communication Method
  • Improving Communication – Understanding High Context Communication and Low Context Communication
  • Task Focused and Relationship Focused Work Style
  • Preferred Leadership Styles Across Cultures
  • Speaking Effective English as a Second Language: Making it easy for English native speakers to understand
  • Networking in Intercultural Environments

Intercultural Training and Workshop in Business

Training and Workshops are designed individually according to the objective and outcome required. They normally run for half day, one full day or two days.

Intercultural Effectiveness: Cultural Awareness

The primary focus of this training is to increase cultural awareness and take advantage in business in culturally diverse environments.

  • Impact of cultural differences in business
  • Capitalise cross cultural understanding in your business
  • Way to identify cultural gaps
  • Practical application of awareness

The “Awareness” achieved in this training is the groundwork for other trainings we offer.

Intercultural Communication for Business

As a global business person, it is paramount that you communicate effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Minor misunderstandings and misperceptions can mount and end in financial loss.

  • Identify gaps and pitfalls
  • Learn 5 keys to effective intercultural communication
  • Build working relationships across cultures
  • Case study and Discussion

Intercultural Communication for Lecturers and Facilitators

Lecturers and training facilitators will learn how to effectively manage students with different cultural backgrounds.

  • Objective views of culturally diverse classrooms
  • Steps to manage the learning space
  • Maximising student’s learning experience
  • Techniques and skills for classrooms and training rooms
  • How to reduce classroom stress

Intercultural Training for Students

This training will prepare students for study abroad programs, and it will maximise the benefit of oversea experience in developing intercultural competence.

  • Intercultural Readiness Check
  • Feedback
  • Applying the cultural knowledge and concept to real world
  • Action Plan

It is also offered to international students studying in Australia.

  • Intercultural Readiness Check
  • Feedback and Action Plan
  • Adapt quickly to Australian learning styles
  • Practical study techniques and skills to escalate learning
  • How to be accepted on campus

Specialised Area Workshop

Workshops are individually designed to your specialised area. Please make an enquiry and discuss your needs with us.

  • Customer service for Asian tourists and customers
  • Making a Speech for culturally different audiences
  • Networking with intercultural competency
  • Receiving delegates from Asia
  • Visiting and meeting with your Asian counterparts for the first time
  • Company Induction
  • Working with interpreters effectively
  • Relocation and pre-departure programs

Country Specific Workshop

Every country and region has a different history, natural environment, school system, etiquette, cultural and business tendencies and preferred social practises. How did they influence the country specific culture? In the workshop, we will discuss those without stereotyping, and making reference to the research conducted over the years.

Countries: China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore

Intercultural Mentoring and Coaching

Intercultural Mentoring

Our country specific experts give advice on your day to day business operation with your counterparts. They also act as one of your supporting staff at the most needed time in business. They will accompany you to events to assist you in reading certain cultural cues for your advantage, bridging and bringing benefits to your interaction.


  • Attend video conference, meetings, conferences, networking events
  • Respond to queries and complaints from overseas
  • Advise on cultural business protocols and strategies

Intercultural Coaching

We aim to shorten the time people take to settle and start performing well in cultures they are not familiar with. With the assessment result from IRC, coachees are guided to discover and develop their own intercultural effectiveness to achieve their corporate goal.

One on one coaching provides a safe positive space for people who are challenged in different working cultures.

This also prepares people who are scheduled to be posted overseas.

Intercultural Facilitation

Intercultural Facilitation for Meeting, Discussion, Forum, Conversation and Workshop

When a multicultural audience is involved, a special attention to cultural difference is required to achieve the best outcome from the event such as a forum, conversation, meeting, workshop, brain storming, or world café. Research shows that diversity is closely linked to innovation and higher performance however, if it is not effectively facilitated, the power of diversity is not utilised at its best potential.


Business English as Another language

This practical training is individually designed primarily focusing on your goal. The program will focus on vocabularies and terms from your industry.

  • Presentation skills, interview skills, negotiation skills and interaction skills
  • Increase your confidence in business in English
  • Understanding how your mother tongue influences your English speaking
  • Increase your spontaneous responses
  • Skills for meeting participation

Survival Japanese for Super Busy Business People

Who said Japanese is hard to learn? These 12 one-hour sessions will equip you to build an initial connection with your Japanese counterparts.

  • Practical
  • Fun
  • Jump into what you will be using straight away

Asian Language in Business

This super practical course will assist you in building close working relationships with your Asian counterparts. We will tailor the program that will ensure your success in achieving your goal.

  • Practical, Practical, and Practical
  • Industry specific terms and sentences
  • Korean
  • Focus on using the language
  • Use the language for specific purpose

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