Perth, Western Australia. Photo: J J Harrison

About Us

Based in Perth, Western Australia but operating across Australia and Asia, our aim is to leverage cultural gaps and create true cultural diversity in society: Cultural diversity that appreciates and embraces individual uniqueness.

Our thought

Being Interculturally Effective is Crucial in the Globalised World.

Just having culturally diverse people alone does not benefit Australia. People needs to be interculturally effective then only we maximise the power of cultural diversity.

We are like puzzle pieces throw onto the table. Each piece is different. Effort, Wisdom, Willingness, Curiosity, Patience and some Tweaking and Trial are needed to make the beautiful picture.

We witnessed many disputes, failures, misfortunes and financial losses in the world history due to lack of intercultural competence. As the society is becoming more culturally diverse and globalised that dealing with people from different cultural background effectively is imperative.

Who we are

We are a group of passionate experts. We would like to assist people to attain and improve the intercultural competency in the hope that they will pass on that skill to future generations.

Our Approach

Our approach is to let people experience cultural diversity positively. Intercultural encounter is presented as something that brings joy and shared successes.

We provide opportunities for people to marvel about differences and appreciate them and get excited to connect, perform and enjoy more.

Our Motto

Connect Perform Enjoy (CPE Model of Intercultural Effectiveness by Dr Ursula Brinkmann)
When people connect to each other positively and perform and enjoy, it produces the best result

Rika Asaoka

Director/Training Facilitator

Having lived and worked in Japan, Australia and Malaysia for over 30 years in positions of Japanese Language Trainer, Interpreter, Consultant and Senior Marketing Manager, Rika has acquired an in-depth knowledge and experience in working across different cultures.

Over the years, she has worked with a number of multi nationals across a wide range of sectors including motor, steel, manufacturing, trading, and service industries. Her clients have included National Panasonic, Toyota Motors, Hyatt, Nissan Motors, Sony, Ericsson, Proton, and KSPC.

She strongly believes in a practical training approach with fun. Enjoying and laughing together promote people connectedness which is the key to the limitless power of cultural diversity.

Her experience as a professional in international corporations confirms that even a basic knowledge of a foreign language and the culture of another party of interest makes a huge difference in the growing personal and business relationships. Her wish is to assist West Australians and West Australian companies to gain knowledge of Asian languages and cultures to enrich their personal experiences and business interests.

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